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There exists a possibility just beyond the borders of our lives as we know it

It dances there teasing us in its wild and delicious splendor, yet stays just beyond our reach. 


The entire point of life is to decide if we want to stay in our own little garden safe behind the fence coated in comfort tending the same garden we've always occupied.


Or, if we are brave enough to leave everything that we've ever known and make the choice to walk through the gate into the absolute and complete unknown. 


It's not easy to find the courage...because when you leave what you know it means you are making the choice to create what you dream.

Rules are abandoned, and nothing is impossible except going back into the same life you previously occupied. 


But the choice is are you going to spend your life merely existing or living the fuck out of it. 


We weren't born to just wake up, go to work every day and eventually pass from this world to the next...we were born to change the world.

We were born to grow and be challenged, to accept that the only thing holding us back from that fuckin' amazing life is that small little damn voice in the back of our heads.


We are here to rise to our greatness not to shrink ourselves into a life that was never meant to fit.


But first, before we move mountains, before we radiate passion and spirit; we have to make peace with ourselves. 


We have to own all of our thoughts and feelings, accepting each one as integral to who we are.


And the really uncomfortable shit? Well that's the stuff we need to invite in for a goddamn drink so we can get to the bottom of it once and for all. 


Because the truth is there is no good or bad, there exists no right or all comes down to if we can accept each and every part of our psyche and who we are.


And only then can we decide if we are meant to live in our little comfortable garden, or step through the gate into all that is waiting for us if only we are brave enough to take that first step. ❤



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