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Bathe in love

Surrender to your heart. Extend yourself all the love and care you ever needed. Dismantle the armor you used to protect yourself from the very thing you always craved. Allow yourself to receive. See the best in everyone. Believe in love. Move with love. Let go of coping mechanisms and protection schemes that only ever dishonor love. Break apart your own walls. Place your hand on your heart and say I'm sorry. I love you. You are worthy of the love you have always needed. It exists. It exists. Make love to yourself. Shroud yourself in softness and vulnerability. In truth. Stop spreading yourself out amongst potential hearts hoping you won't get hurt. Drop the back up lover. Embody your worth. Go all in with yourself. Go all in with love. Honor yourself and then honor all those that cross your path. Remember love only expands. Show it everywhere. Never forget you are a gift and you'll forever deserve to be treated as such. But first you must do this for yourself.

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