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Let your soul free

Remember. Remember who you were before you thought you had to be someone else. Before you thought you had to give up parts of you to bring a smile to another. Before you took on the pain and choices of others as your own burden to carry. Come back to you. To the hope you carried. The wild reckless abandon that you brought to life. Before heartbreak. Before your plan for life didn’t turn out at all how you thought. Before you were taught that fear keeps you safe. Only love will. Only truth will guide you. Let go of the should’s. The obligations. The responsibilities that rest heavy on a weary soul unable to fly. And come back. Come back to who you always were but which took you a lifetime to learn. Stop waiting for another to set you free. Stop trying to fit where you’ve already outgrown. Let down the burden of cutting your corners to match a life that was never meant for you and return. Return to your heart. To your soul. Trust your wings because you’ll never know if you can fly unless love you first try. 

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