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Your Love Should Inspire You.

What we expect; what we perceive is usually what we will also receive.

The thing is with Love we have been taught that it should be many things but rarely is inspiring included in that long list. Yet, if our Love doesn’t inspire us to reach further and to become better then in truth, what purpose is it serving?

I’m not talking about a supernatural Love, but in many ways why shouldn’t our primary relationship be that? Why shouldn’t the relationship that we invest the most in, also in turn invest the most in us?

None of us see Love like this when we are young however instead we look for maybe attractiveness, or similarities but as we get older we need a lot more than just a pretty face and a shared Love of baseball in order to have it feel like a lasting fulfilling relationship.

What I am talking about is inspiring Love.

The kind of Love that gently encourages us to grow, to be and to do better because we owe it to ourselves to become the person that truly lives inside of us. But more than that, it’s a Love that changes how we view the world because it lets us see hope where we once only saw darkness, it shows us what is possible if we just make the choice to believe that it is.

Your Love should make you want to reach to the stars and then just a little bit further.

It should lift you up and make challenge what you thought you were capable of not because we haven’t already accomplished great things but rather if our Love doesn’t bring a greater sense of meaning life into our existence then what value is it actually adding?

I see so many couples who forget why they fell in Love with one another, they forget to be one another’s peace and ultimately they forget that the individuality of one another matters more than anything else. Love doesn’t mean forgetting that we all have our own individual purpose in this life, and if a primary relationship is truly doing its job then we are continually on a path to self-improvement to discover what that specifically is.

No one is going say their Love is inspiring if we only ever talk about work, children and what to eat for dinner on a Wednesday night.

If we want our Love to be inspiring the reality is we in fact have to become inspiring ourselves.

What we are is also what we will bring to a relationship. Now, let that sink in for a moment. If we are depressed, anxious, self-depreciating then those are the very same qualities that we will bring to our relationship. Likewise, if we are inspired, positive and full of Love then that is also what we will manifest within our partnerships.

Our Love should be inspiring but first it is up to ourselves to discover what that means to all of us. But, at the end of the day regardless of career, regardless of if we are married or have children to be inspired in the simplest terms means that we are not only strive to do our best but we also hope to help others achieve their best as well.

It means that we should focus on the possibility, on the growth and on the limitless what if of beauty that exists within this world and within our relationship.

I haven’t always been inspired by Love. Sometimes I’ve been placated, sometimes bored, and honestly sometimes it was a blinding to reality that my relationship induced within me. But never did I want to dream bigger; never did I look to try every day to become better than I was yesterday because my relationship wasn’t future focused.

My previous relationships never wanted to build with me; perhaps they’d pretend to make plans, or maybe they would tell me what I should do, but no relationship ever was willing to do the work necessary to build together-until now.

The difference between being inspired and many relationships is that both people are committed to not only dreaming big but also manifesting them as well. Both people aren’t only committed to their own growth but also to the other persons; and not just for the simple things but for the larger than life “I’m scared to even think this big” type of things.

An inspiring Love encourages us to dream big.

To reach higher, to disregard the impossible and believe that just maybe we can not only be happy in life but also make a difference. It’s the kind of Love that checks us where we’re at and provides the vision to see even further. An inspiring Love wakes up our inner curiosity and wonder about life and the mysteries she holds.

Not only because it is future focused but because it’s also safe.

We can’t be inspired if we feel we’re going to be ridiculed. We can’t feel like bringing our new ideas or even our failures to the table if we’re only ever told “I told you so”, or “You won’t be able to do that”.

An inspiring Love only ever says, “Of course you can do it” and “How can I help?”

If we are with someone who doubts our ability, our focus or even our dreams then it’s a death sentence for our future and our growing sense of self. How can we ever become better if we still surround ourselves with those who don’t think we can?

Love should be inspiring and safe and delicious.

It should uplift when we doubt, protect when we’re scared and transform when we change.

Love should simply inspire us to not only ever give up on our dreams, but especially on the person that we’ve always hoped to become.

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