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Home Is A Feeling.

Wrapped up within the promises of yesterday the heart breathes easily knowing when it’s found its home.

To live is a search for oneness; for completeness to arrive not within a dwelling that has four walls to contain our aspiring hopes but a soul that encourages us to never settle for anything less than everything.

Welcome home; home is where the heart is; home is where our story begins.

We hear these quotes, these analogies and all the while we still believe that this idea of a home somehow is attained within walls and mortar; that somehow we will only ever be home within a place or an address.

Sometimes we stumble into those houses or even special places while travelling that feel like home, but the reason that we often say those words is that home has very little to do with where we are but rather the feeling that it induces within us.

But, what is that feeling of home?

It seems that it’s the comfort of acceptance and peace. The place where we don’t have to do anything but just be; it doesn’t matter what we wear or if our hair is in need of being washed, it doesn’t even matter if we’ve broken out or have make up on.

It doesn’t matter if we had a great day at work or if we are struggling to pay the bills on time. Home doesn’t care if we did our squats today or if we watched our cholesterol. Home doesn’t in fact care about anything because its job is to satisfy an unnamed longing within our hearts.

We can live in a house for years and never feel like we truly are home.

Likewise we can stumble into a place miles from where we grew up, or walk into a home that is filled with so much love that our soul says “This is it. We’re home.” Home isn’t about the time we’ve been somewhere and while it does have to do with who is there, it also doesn’t care who isn’t.

Home is a feeling that inspires us to lay it down and simply just be.

But maybe more than that, the reason that home is a feeling is that it’s also love.

Feeling like we are home is essentially tied to feeling of being loved where we are. Perhaps it’s the self-love of realizing we found somewhere within this great big world that feels like we belong, or maybe it’s the defining love of another that creates the kind of life we know we’ll never need to escape from.

But home is never tied to a place, but what I’m realizing is that it can be tied to a person because of the feelings that exist between two souls.

It’s the reason why we tell someone that no matter where we are if they are present then we will forever be home. When we connect with a soul that provides us with that level of acceptance, inspiration and love then it’s as if our souls also realize that we feel safe with being our true selves with them.

And it’s this feeling that travels with us wherever we go.

It’s also why when we see that person, the one who feels like home after an absence we breathe just a little bit deeper, and we exhale into the spaces of the in-between. Home is the feeling of a warm fire on a cold night, and chocolate chip cookies at midnight. It’s warm 300 cerulean thread count sheets and feather soft duvets, the smell of warm vanilla and laughter into the early morning hours.

Home is in the sparkle of eyes that always look to understand, a voice that aims to sooth, arms that yearn to hold and a kiss that begs to inspire.

It’s never the place but the person that leave us feeling not just like we are home but also that we are loved. To be home is to also give up the façade that we don’t need someone to provide us with those aspects of life; it’s the vulnerability that comes from admitting that we not only need someone but also a very specific someone.

Home is a feeling of forgiveness, of dreams and of the safety that comes from knowing we’ll never be ridiculed by someone that says they love us. It won’t ever degrade us or keep us from believing in our selves. Home doesn’t want to keep us small or fear loosing us but knows that its purpose is to help us expand into this limitless world of possibility.

And because we’ve found our home, we feel inspired to do just that.

But what of those of us who still feel as if home is nothing more than an address, or a place to rest our weary heads? It seems that perhaps for some we underestimate the importance of letting ourselves need someone; that if home is only ever a dwelling then we won’t ever be left out in the cold.

Yet, the truth is that existence isn’t exactly radiating warmth as well.

In order to find home we have to be willing to explore, to give the best parts of ourselves away and to love without regard of what we will get back. For us to ever be able to feel as if we are at home we have to give away the key; to our hearts, our souls and draw a map of the places that we fear being hurt the most.

Exposing our sensitives, because the truth is we’ll never know if we’re home unless we also choose to let someone in.

Perhaps the most magical thing occurs when two people choose to let one another in, and within each other they find a home they have never before known.

And that is the type of feeling that nothing can ever change, regardless of where they go together.

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