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A Love That Makes Everything Else More

It’s not that she doesn’t need him Or only wants him Ego satisfying lust It’s just that she doesn’t need him To be her She doesn’t need him to define her spaces Or edges She doesn’t need him to have the same dreams she does To tell her yes or no So she knows what her next move should be She doesn’t need him to buy her the world Or make it possible for her to believe in herself Because actually none of that Is really what matters most None of that is about two wholes sharing their energy Lighting the world on fire But just because she doesn’t need him to pay for her dreams Or become the little woman to Tending house And maintaining expiring gender roles Doesn’t mean she doesn’t need him His soul Energy Because the thing with her is she doesn’t need just anyone She needs a someone who gives her what she can’t buy or provide for herself To compliment who she already is Those aspects of life whose value exceeds any monetary quality at all Because feeling truly understood Accepted Having someone choose her As fiercely as she chooses herself Someone who knows her tears are a sign of strength And doesn’t bat an eyelash When once again she says I changed my mind Because he knows he’s the one thing she won’t ever change her mind about It’s about him The one who can calm her storms Call her on her shit Make her laugh until she’s gasping for breath And then kiss her making her loose it altogether It’s about a soft place to land An arm over a curved waist at the end of a long day The deep exhale And eyes that continually look at her like it’s the first time Every time It’s needing him to understand that what she needs the most Isn’t found Will never be found In anything he can give her But in simply who he is The space he shows up in for her And the way that he gives her something no one else Nothing else ever has The way he Makes life just a little more beautiful A little more full of light Because for her that’s all she’s ever needed A love That just makes everything else more.

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