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This is for the men—those who wake each day trying their damnedest to do the best they can.



The men who are overlooked and sometimes wrongly accused of not having their sh*t together, just because they are more honest about their insecurities and realities than most.


This is for the men who are a work in progress.


We see the doubt in our eyes and the scars upon our hands, but you should know, that we still think you are amazing.

We don’t expect you to get it right all the time.


We know sometimes you will fail—but when you do succeed, you always seem to f*ckin’ nail it.


We’ve watched you for a long time now, we’ve seen you struggle against society, against your beliefs about what right looks like, and we’ve seen you battle yourself.


But, the thing is, it’s your journey that we respect and love.

It’s seeing you never give up, and although you may not have all the answers, you still show up.


You show up in life, for others, and most importantly, for yourself.

You know that there is a delicate balance between making others happy and committing to working on yourself—as only an authentic man can.

We all sometimes teeter on the edge—but it is your commitment to keep trying that has us always wanting to be the one who holds your hand at the end of the day. Because we can see—you are doing the best you can.

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