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Touch Me like this & I’ll be Yours. 

“The most breathtaking words aren’t snapped on a typewriter but traced on the softest skin and whispered through moans.” ~ Leo Christopher


It’s not just my body that is waiting for your touch—it’s my very being.


Strip down my mind until every inappropriate thought and delicious idea spills from my imagination like the incoming tide pounds the expectant shore.


Take my hand and draw me into your succulent world, letting me know that I will be safe here.







Let my strings of self-defense unravel until there is nothing left to untie, and I am just a chaos of silken thread that you wish to drape yourself in.


Open your heart to my blissful blue eyes, and let me roam all of the tall peaks and dark caverns held there just waiting for the one brave enough to carry on through the obscure which is only studded by the light of your soul’s most hidden treasure.


If you hold my heart and let me step out my outdated and worn insecurities—I will let you do the same.


Until we are bare and exposed, letting our vulnerabilities shine like the glimmering stars above.


Because darling, this time—I want to take our time.


I don’t want to rush to the finish line when the journey there is the most delectable and arousing part of tasting you.


Because it seems that my hot skin craves the bare touch of yours, and I want to spend the time caressing and licking all of those bits that are my most favorite.


Especially those parts that no one else ever gave much attention to—because I like knowing I’ve kissed you in places others haven’t even thought of.


And the truth is we’ve made love a thousand times before we ever even touched one another.


How skillful we are that a simple glance has become the most erotic foreplay.

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